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Sarasota News Leader March 1, 2013 Page 97 the field. She also has experience as a writer, or identity, most of them conceptually involvdirector, journalist, producer and host for tele- ing water or the moon. vision, film and radio, particularly programs Tidal Works, the artists explained, combines pertaining to art. pieces from various series that focus on the Her work, which includes essays, interviews two distinct subjects, which share a strong reand poems, has appeared in various publica- lationship with one another. tions, and she has received a number of grants for her projects. She is the host and creator ���It was a move from talking about water and of the series Our Town at the Dal�� Museum then to the relationship of the moon to water in St. Petersburg and sits on the arts advisory and the tidal connection,��� Mickett said of the exhibition���s title during the artists��� presentacommittee for the city of St. Petersburg. tion. TIDAL WORKS Aside from the print Blue Flyer (2000), which Stackhouse completed while still on his own, all of the works on display in the Gallup exhibition are collaborative compositions from 2001 to 2013 that focus on ideas of structure The visual differences between the paintings in the series ��� as well as the artistic shifts that occurred during their creation ��� were strikingly apparent to those in attendance. While pieces dealing with water from the previous decade, such as Molecular Water (2008) (Foreground, from left): Carol Mickett, Robert Stackhouse and Duncan McClellon���s Icondance Plate (2011) and Asteroid Plate (2011) on display at the Gallup gallery: These pieces are made from hand-carved, etched, hand-blown glass.

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