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Sarasota News Leader March 1, 2013 Page 98 Carol Mickett and Robert Stackhouse pose in front of Third Moon (2013) during the Tidal Works exhibition reception at the Gallup gallery on the evening of Feb. 15. During the artists��� presentation, Stackhouse explained that both he and Mickett contribute in equal ways to all of their pieces. In comparing this work to one from the Aspects of Identity series (2011), Stackhouse said, ���The blue is no more representative of Carol, because she���s wearing blue, than the white is of me because I���m wearing black.��� Carol Mickett and Robert Stackhouse���s Painting for Architectured Water (2008) on display at the Gallup gallery. During the artists��� presentation Feb. 15, Mickett and Stackhouse explained their fascination with the structure of water, particularly because they feel it is often taken for granted as something simple. They point out that it can be seen as quite complicated and anomalous.

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