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THE DID'S DOINGS The popularity of Tube Dudes downtown has sparked discussion about whether they should be regulated like advertising signage. Photo by Norman Schimmel TUBE DUDES, SIDEWALKS AND ONE UNUSUAL LAWSUIT ARE THE FOCUS OF DOWNTOWN GROUP'S DISCUSSIONS THIS WEEK By Stan Zimmerman City Editor "We don't have an ordinance that deals with taste," said John Moran, the operations manager of the Downtown Improvement District during the group's meeting this week, on March 5. "This came up when we thought we had a proliferation of Tube Dudes." Scott Gerber are neither art nor advertising. "It is not treated as a sign under the sign ordinance," said Steve Stancel, the city planner who is the liaison with the DID. Moran added, "I was informed yesterday this is not art and not under the purview of Public "Every one [of them] is a sign," said DID Chair- Art Committee." man Ernie Ritz of the Tube Dudes around "They are cute; the town. "It's holding a public loves 'em," said pizza or a hair blower, I bet there's already a Are you suggesting a specific Tube Dr. Mark Kaufman. "But the proliferation sign ordinance they Dude ordinance? is too much, too much should meet." of a cute thing. More John Moran Operations Manager In reality, the signathan two per block is Downtown Improvement District getting ridiculous." ture sculptures of

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