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Sarasota News Leader March 8, 2013 Page 26 "What happens if there is 30 or more that pop space on Main Street, as well as in front of up? It's going to be addressed sooner rather than several downtown businesses. later," said district member Tom Mannausa. Despite the whimsy, sidewalk space is becomTo reflect the "what is it?" tenor of the discus- ing a premium business element in Sarasota. sion, the district members agreed to put the The proliferation of sidewalk cafes with over"Tube Dude Question" on their next agenda, hanging awnings, sandwich board advertisefor March 19. The item will focus on "art/side- ments and Tube Dudes is cutting into pedestriwalk/signage." an space both downtown and on St. Armands "Are you suggesting a specific Tube Dude or- Circle, critics say. dinance?" asked Moran. "There is a right of way problem and a Tube "Let's just get some input and planning guid- Dude problem," said Kaufman. "Sandwich boards are already regulated." ance," said Mannausa. "You do not want this to become a significant problem after the tenants have spent the money on them," said Kaufman. "They are not cheap." DID member Eileen Hampshire quipped in response, "You'd never know it." As their final item on their March 6 agenda, the Sarasota city commissioners talked about Right now "the dudes" hang out in Gerber's "table creep" at cafes. Theoretically, a busishowroom in the old Sarasota Hardware ness must keep open a five-foot-wide path for City officials remain concerned about cases of downtown outdoor dining areas intruding into sidewalk space. Photo by Norman Schimmel

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