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IT PROBLEMS ONLY The Sarasota City Commission prepares to start a recent meeting. Photo by Norman Schimmel TIPSTER COST THE CITY $636,187.07 By Stan Zimmerman City Editor When former state Sen. Bob Johnson notified a city commissioner in a September 2011 email that then City Manager Bob Bartolotta was deleting emails at City Hall, little did Johnson imagine his communication would end up costing the city much more than half a million dollars. The investigation into the allegation ended Monday, March 4, with a final report to the City Commission by John Jorgensen, the senior forensic analyst of The Sylint Group. Despite an investiga- tion by three criminal law enforcement agencies, no charges were filed against any current or former city employees. The initial allegation eventually led to the resignation of Bartolotta, his replacement with Interim City Manager Terry Lewis and the search for a permanent replacement. There was not criminal wrongdoing One employee was found, and almost all the issues identified placed on administraare IT operations problems that are the tive leave with pay for result of lack of funding, staff resources, 14 months. The directraining or all three. tor of the Information Ari Weinstein Technology DepartiNet Consulting ment was fired.

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