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OPINION VOTE HOLLAND AND CHAPMAN FOR SARASOTA CITY COMMISSION EDITORIAL The upcoming election to fill two seats on the Sarasota City Commission already has had its fair share of drama and intrigue. Yet for the discerning voter, the choice really comes down to the familiar versus the unfamiliar. held. It also becomes an indelible record, for better or worse, if that person aspires to elective office. Voters can have a certain confidence in the future acts of a commissioner who has spent years in such service. The unfamiliar candidate, therefore, is at a With six candidates vying for two seats, such distinct disadvantage, because little is known a frame of reference allows the paring away about the person, either because the candiof rhetoric and other campaign hoopla. date is a relative newcomer to the city or beThe familiar candidate is one who has spent cause involvement in community activities many years in the community, but who also has has not been a priority — or both. been involved in the affairs of the community. There are ways to overcome being lesser Service on volunteer boards, commissions and known. Endorsements by others who are longadvocacy groups provides a clear demonstraterm residents or are themselves involved in tion of both temperament and intention. the community can dispel some of the uncerInvolvement in the community allows a per- tainty that plagues lesser-known candidates. son to advocate for causes and beliefs deeply Building a great campaign war chest, to fi-

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