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ASK OTUS nay, again smooching away and missing the opportunity to observe that fat red moon rising or the iridescent mullet soaring through the air right in front of them. LEAPIN' LIZARDS: WATCH OUT In other words, love is blind. That is why peoFOR THOSE TEGUS ple need an owl to keep a sharp eye on things and point out what they all have been missing With spring's arrival just days away, the while they were smooching. thoughts of many Siesta Key residents and vis- It is now the height of mating season for many itors to our fair isle turn to romance. People creatures, and from the nightly melodic matare walking hand-in-hand on the beach and ing songs of the Mockingbirds to the blooming sneaking in long kisses as the sun sets, there- of the heady-scented gardenia, Mother Nature by missing the opportunity to see our famous provides the perfect setting for romance, a "green flash." Garden of Eden. Dear Readers, From my oak branch, I observe couples at the Now you are wondering, "Where is that serbayside dock with their glasses of Chardon- pent?" Forget the snake! This is Siesta Key, Not everyone sees the famous 'green flash' at sunset on Siesta Key. File photo

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