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MAGICAL HORSES The 'team leaders' are just about ready to start the parade on Ocean Boulevard. All photos by Norman Schimmel THE BUDWEISER CLYDESDALES DRAW ADORING FANS IN SIESTA VILLAGE By Harriet Cuthbert Contributing Writer "Have you seen the horses?" I asked a friendly Wikipedia describes them as being of Scottish looking lady with bright blue eyes. descent and named in the 1700s after the River Clyde. They were bred as draught horses — "They're right around the corner, getting those used in heavy plowing and farm labor, dressed," she answered. which is probably how they originally became I trotted over to Calle Minorga to see for my- known in the U.S. I think we know them best self. As I approached the area, I stopped short as workers for Budweiser. and just stared (open-mouthed, I am sure). The marketing geniuses who began using the Five feet away was a Clydesdale, walking Clydesdales in TV commercials many years gingerly but gracefully down the ramp from ago seem to have succeeded beyond what his traveling RV to the street. Just watching they could have ever imagined. Those adverthis simple act left me in awe, and my journey tisements — even no longer than they are — alongside the Clydesdales had barely begun starring the horses make us laugh, cry, cheer, on March 1. etc.; they are amazing. I thought about this as I There are literally hundreds of Internet links continued walking toward the rest of the eight to the "Clydes," but a quick history is in order. horses. All the people gathered around them

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