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Sarasota News Leader March 8, 2013 Page 10 tense controversy over the Ringling Plaza Picture a new neighborhood with its commerWalmart, for example. cial sector on its edge, bordering a major thorOne tireless critic of the proposed 2050 over- oughfare. "It totally trashes the walkability for haul has been attorney Dan Lobeck, the pres- the village in the way that it was intended," he ident of Control Growth Now. He calls the tells The Sarasota News Leader. developer recommendations "an incredible Lobeck is not optimistic the upcoming public assault on the trade-off between density on meetings will lead to much outrage. "I hope one hand and the public interest." I'm proven wrong, but I strongly suspect it's Lobeck, who helped craft some aspects of just window dressing," he says. the plan, says none of the 38 recommendations are "benign." He penned and distributed County Commissioner Nora Patterson, for a 3,600-word critique that tackles the issues one, is eager to hear what residents have to in turn, concluding: "Each would significantly say. During the January meeting at which undermine or destroy an important protection the commission approved the open houses, of the public interest at the heart of the Sara- she was the only board member who seemed sota 2050 Plan." skeptical of the developers' requests. As she One example he brings up is the one men- noted, she also was the only one sitting on the tioned above, the request that developers be dais who actually voted in favor of the plan allowed to build the commercial portions of in the first place. She said she still believes in their projects outside the villages themselves. 2050's principles. The Sarasota County Commission sits in session earlier this year. Photo by Norman Schimmel

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