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LAWSUITS AND POTENTIAL SUITS Downtown noise issues will be back before the City Commission on Monday, March 18. Photo by Norman Schimmel THE CITY COMMISSION ON MONDAY IS EXPECTED TO DEAL WITH REPERCUSSIONS OF CHALLENGES FROM CITIZENS FOR SUNSHINE AND OPEN THE WAY FOR WALMART LEGAL ACTION By Stan Zimmerman City Editor One old lawsuit, one new lawsuit and one like- Circuit Judge Lee Haworth agreed, and he enly lawsuit are on the Sarasota City Commis- joined any further meetings of the group. sion agenda for March 18. On Monday the City Commission will be asked The old and new suits are driven by Citizens to formally create a Homeless Advisory Task for Sunshine, while the likely lawsuit will Force and then decide what aims the group should pursue. The original goal was "to recome from the Walmart Corp. duce the number of unsheltered persons livA task force dubbed "The Working Group" ing/sleeping outdoors on public and/or private was established by City Manager Tom Barwin properties by 50 percent through mobile serto look for quick solutions to homelessness in vice delivery to those homeless willing and the city. But Citizens for Sunshine filed suit, able to receive available services aimed tocharging the group needed to operate under ward a stable lifestyle and housing and emFlorida's Public Meetings Laws. 12th Judicial ployment whenever possible."

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