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LOOKING GOOD Sarasota County staff received an application on Feb. 7 for construction of a new restaurant with fewer than 100 seats at 2407 Bee Ridge Road, an example of increased development in the community this year. Image courtesy Sarasota County MOST OF SARASOTA COUNTY'S LATEST ECONOMIC DATA SHOWS POSITIVE TRENDS, ESPECIALLY IN TOURIST DEVELOPMENT TAX COLLECTIONS AND THE COUNTY'S PORTFOLIO By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor The number of building permits issued by Sarasota County for single-family home construction came close to doubling for both December and January compared to the same months a year ago, according to data compiled by the county's Office of Financial Planning. The county issued 66 permits in December, compared to 34 in the same month of 2011. The value of construction in December 2012 was put at $10,926,000, a 110.3 percent increase from the $5,195,000 figure for the permits issued in December 2011. Likewise, the value of that construction has At the same time, house and condominium sales remained strong for those two months, continued to climb. the data shows. In January, 626 units sold, a 22 In January, the 65 permits granted represented percent increase from the January 2012 figure $12,286,000 in construction, compared to 35 of 513. The median sale price also was up 1.7 permits with a value of $7,859,000 in January percent year-over-year, at $170,049, according 2012, the figures show. to the Sarasota Association of Realtors.

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