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OPINION LEGISLATURE'S ANNUAL 'MISOGYNY FEST' IN FULL SWING EDITORIAL The Florida Legisla- ban abortion outright and violate the sanctity ture has returned to of the doctor-patient relationship, a cornerTallahassee and has wasted no time in intro- stone of civilized medical practice. ducing a number of bills designed to diminish Only eight years after legislators acted, in the status of women, reduce their ability to spite of no professional qualifications, to obtain proper healthcare and deny to them trump the actions of trained physicians in the rights which are guaranteed by the United Terri Schiavo case, States of America (of they apparently have which Florida, legislanot tired of showing Disregarding the constitutional tive efforts to the conright that American women have to safe, the world that their igtrary, is a constituent legal abortions — a right upheld by the norance and malignity part). will always take prece- United States Supreme Court — these L e g i s l a t o r s h a v e bills insert the ignorant opinions and launched an all-out beliefs of legislators into complex medical decisions that are best left to trained attack on women's professionals. reproductive choice with bills that seek to dence over the sound decisions of medical professionals. The worst of these bills are SB 1056, intro-

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