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DID CARAGIULO FOLD? Condominium owners in downtown Sarasota have asked the City Commission to maintain noise regulations already in the zoning code. Photo by Norman Schimmel CITY NOISE ORDINANCE REVISION ���SLOOOOOOWS��� DOWN By Stan Zimmerman City Editor The noise ordinance is the most polarizing issue of the year so far for the city of Sarasota. An effort by City Commissioner Paul Caragiulo to find a middle ground foundered Monday, March 18, when he urged his fellow commissioners not to take the next previously proposed step. to focus on enforcement of what���s on the books currently.��� Two weeks earlier, Caragiulo proposed a staff review of regulations, formation of an ad hoc committee and possibly the hiring of a consultant. He said then, ���If we go forward, it���s going to be complicated with lots of commu���One thing is clear. There is not really the nity input and the legal and enforcement and trust on the enforcement issue that needs to science [issues] involved.��� be there in order to On March 18, he said, have a good conversa���I���m not ready to do an tion on what needs to be changed,��� he said at This is going from the oven to the ad hoc committee at the outset of the Mon- food warmer. It is not ready to be served yet. this point.��� day evening City ComBy 4-1 vote, with ComPaul Caragiulo mission discussion. ���I Commissioner missioner Terry Turnam of the opinion the City of Sarasota er in the minority, the administration needs

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