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Some weeks the news stories just seem to multiply like, well, Easter bunnies. And it seems it is all our staff can do to get them written in time to meet deadline. When the pace does slow down just a tad, I consider that a good time to review matters that might have been overlooked or relegated to a lower level of importance. You will see some of those kinds of stories this week. One example is the 2012 annual crime report Sheriff Tom Knight's office released in January. It contains very positive information, but it was not until after a couple of comments were aired about it publicly last week that we managed to "corral" it for coverage. Another example regards the overhaul of the county's Procurement Code. It has been a long process, and even though it came to fruition last week, more pressing news relegated this last chapter — I hope — to our March 29 issue. Do not worry, though, that this edition of the News Leader is focused on "old" news. Thanks to Cooper Levey-Baker and Stan Zimmerman, we have plenty of timely topics for you to peruse. I also want to take this opportunity to apologize for my recent negligence in touting our features. This week you will find not only two wonderful articles with different takes on the upcoming Sarasota Film Festival, but a lovely feature from contributor Fran Palmeri. I highly encourage you to read Otus' column this week, too — if it is not already on your "must see" list. He has provided us with one of the most fascinating tales I have read in a long time. And on that note, I will wish all of you a pleasant Passover, a Happy Easter and a fun April Fool's Day. Editor and Publisher

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