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DRIVING NORTH WITH SPRING THE MANY-HUED SIGNS OF THE SEASON DELIGHTED THIS DRIVER ON A LONG JOURNEY Story and Photos By Fran Palmeri Contributing Writer When friends heard I was going north, they tia, I was out the door and into the van before offered words of condolence. Why would any- something else tugged at me.
 one trade Florida on the brink of spring for Usually on long trips I count the rivers — Brathe northern winter? den, Manatee, Alafia … Crossing the Altamaha I had reservations. I could almost hear the on I-95 in Georgia, I think of William and John bellowing of alligators that means spring up Bartram discovering the Franklinia along its and down the peninsula. Iris was starting to banks, a tree which disappeared from the wild bloom. That alone was enough to keep me at soon after. The one they planted at their Philhome.
 I found a dozen reasons to delay de- adelphia nursery and named after their friend, parture: urgent emails; cameras out of juice; Benjamin Franklin, spawned all future Franklinlunch to make. Finally worn down by minu- ias, including the one in my yard in Annapolis.

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