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Siesta Seen OLD STICKNEY POINT ROAD BUSINESSES SEEKING A BRIGHTER FUTURE — LITERALLY; COUNTY ORDINANCE CHANGE WOULD SEE PEOPLE FINED FOR TRYING TO HOLD PARKING SPACES By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor While Commissioner Nora Patterson has been stymied so far in her effort to get the crosswalks illuminated in Siesta Village (see the related story in this issue), she also is making slow progress in an attempt to improve the lighting situation along Old Stickney Point Road. report at the commission's regular meeting in Sarasota. And, for the second time, her fellow board members had no objections to her desire for staff to continue working on the matter. She is hoping, she said, for staff to report back to the people who had raised the lighting concerns with her. For the second time in recent months, she Patterson exchanged email in early February brought up the issue on March 19, during her with James K. Harriott Jr., the county's chief In between the recent cold spells, beach-goers have managed to enjoy warm days at Siesta Public Beach — and the Gulf of Mexico has not been too brisk for some of them. Photo by Rachel Hackney

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