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A&E BRIEFS Libya Pugh and Farah Bala star in In the Book Of at Florida Studio Theatre. Photo by Brian Braun. IN THE BOOK OF BRINGS IMMIGRATION DEBATE TO THE STAGE AT FST Florida Studio Theatre (FST) has announced that a new play, In the Book Of by John Walch, will open on Friday, March 29, at 8 p.m. in the Gompertz Theatre. story, Walch weaves together both women's stories in a humorous and captivating manner," the release continues. "Friendships are thrown into turmoil, families are fractured and a city-wide political debate ensues. With "In the Book Of presents the story of an imthe threat of deportation looming, everyone migration debate which forces a community must examine the personal and political costs to examine the true meaning of family, friendof their beliefs." ship and the American way," a news release notes. FST's production will be the Florida premiere, the release points out; it is only the second Two women — Naomi, an army lieutenant, production of Walch's comedic drama, which and Anisah, her Afghan translator — lose appeared at the Alabama Shakespeare Festitheir husbands in the war, the release says. val in January 2012. "Once discharged, Naomi brings Anisah home with her to Mississippi, where things begin to In the Book Of was previously presented at unravel," it adds. "Using the Old Testament's FST during the 2012 Burdick Reading Series, Book of Ruth as a loose framework for his the release adds.

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