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A DISTINCT DISPLEASURE SHOWN A fencing company truck was defaced at the Ringling Shopping Center this week. Contributed photo FENCE GOES UP AT RINGLING SHOPPING CENTER ONLY TO BE VANDALIZED By Stan Zimmerman City Editor The absentee owner of the Ringling Plaza Shopping Center tried to put up a chain-link fence separating his property from the Terrace Gardens neighborhood this week after neighbors testified they regularly cut across the property to walk their dogs and go to Payne Park. Reaction was swift. The day after workers started to build the fence, somebody knocked down several of the poles in the night. Someone also spray-painted the fencer's truck with "F**K-WAL-MART." The local agent of property owner Louis Doyle said she could not answer questions, and she asked they be submitted in writing. At press time there was no response as to why the fence was being erected. The site was proposed for a Walmart Supercenter. Last month the Sarasota City Commission, by 3-2 vote, upheld an appeal of a favorable decision by the Planning Board to allow the new facility, effectively stopping the project. Walmart may take the City Commission decision to Circuit Court this month. City police were called to investigate the van- The Walmart Corp. had the property under dalism. Damage could be more than $1,000. contract with the Doyle family, which holds

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