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Sarasota News Leader April 5, 2013 After a lengthy public hearing, Commissioner Paul Caragiulo moved to approve the NTOD with an expiration date in 2020. Mayor Suzanne Atwell seconded the motion. Commissioner Terry Turner then proposed an amendment. THE CRITICAL AMENDMENT "It is not a friendly amendment," said Turner. Under the city's rules of procedure, an amendment is "friendly" if the maker of the motion agrees with the intent and language of the amendment. Page 28 The comments were expanded upon by Commissioner Shannon Snyder. "The developers and the neighbors both want the same thing — certainty," said Snyder. "The neighbors are as frustrated as everybody else." Builders and developers have long complained about confusion and delay at City Hall. They are even more caustic about watching their plans undergo the scrutiny of public bodies such as the Planning Board and City Commission. Administrative approval would have stopped that, allowing staffers to give the goor-no-go decision. "I move to delete the administrative site plan Commissioner Willie Shaw noted that none of approval," said Turner. He further indicated the five neighborhoods in the NTOD area endorsed the idea. the entire idea "Without our inwas "fundamenput as neighbortally flawed." He hoods, we don't told supporters, get anything," he "Your vision is said. not bold enough. The motion to Neighbors in genyank administraeral were consistive site plan aptently excluded proval from the from the develNTOD passed opment of this." with Atwell and "Administrative Caragiulo in the minority. approval is problematic. The Another amendcommunity gets ment made it nothing, and it into the plan as is unclear what well. Instead of the developer setting up the gets," said TurnNTOD in perpeer. "This needs to Urban frontage features of the North Trail Overlay Distuity, commissioners agreed to start over with a trict remained in the final document. Image courtesy City of Sarasota include a "sunset bigger vision."

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