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Sarasota News Leader April 5, 2013 Page 29 provision," demanding the City Commission revisit the plan in five years. The NTOD would die a natural death unless a future commission decided to extend it. Even though the NTOD is now on the books, without administrative site plan approval, it may prove problematic if a developer wants to be the first "on the block" to attempt implementation of the 131-page document in the Still in the plan is an increase in allowable face of public hearings before the Planning height to 45 feet, providing one additional stoBoard and possibly the City Commission. ry for any new building the NTOD covers. Revised parking requirements and incentives to The city planner who shepherded the NTOD push the frontage closer to the highway also through endless meetings and iterations — remained. The plan contains no increases in Ryan Chapdelain — mentioned a previous residential density. planning effort for the North Trail more than a decade ago. Speaking before the motions In some areas along the Tamiami Trail, the adand voting, he said, "Gateway 2000 was menditional height could allow for a rooftop view of tioned, and nothing really came of it." the bay. A "water view" from a flat and accessible roof could mimic Caribbean and Middle-Eastern That unused plan now sits on a shelf at City architecture, where families often use roofs as Hall. Only time will tell if the NTOD suffers a living and sleeping spaces in the summer. similar fate. % The draft North Trail Overlay District plan envisions a new look for businesses. Image courtesy City of Sarasota

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