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Sarasota News Leader April 19, 2013 ingly want to see this happen. But it seems like on the staff side there is a huge disconnection," he said. "It's [like] Groundhog Day trying to get through this every year." Page 41 "Then we should sit here now and give some guidance," said Turner. "I see four problems: The length of the event. Affected parties — who are they? Grant policy. And noise. Let's have a discussion and give concrete guidCommissioner Shannon Snyder joined in. ance." "Last year it was a 10-day festival, but we were never told that. Every year we're having to dis- At that point the issue had moved far beyond cuss this. At some point we should have this the agenda item of Kowal's request for fee down by now. Every year is the last minute. waivers. City Clerk and Auditor Pam NadaliEvery year is something else." ni intervened. "I would recommend you bring this item back," she said. "Because you really Not to be left out, Commissioner Willie Shaw haven't noticed this item. I can put it on the added, "And the application is not complete." next regular meeting." Looking ahead Caragiulo said, "I don't want to Snyder moved to do that, specifically menbe here again doing the same thing. Predicttioning in his motion Turner's four policy ability, predictability, predictability." objectives. The motion passed unanimously. To which Barwin replied, "We will be here Once again, Kowal and the Chalk Festival had thrown local government into a tizzy. % next year unless we get some direction." Artist Truman incorporated a 3D effect in his work in 2012. Photo by Norman Schimmel

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