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OPINION THE UNITED STATES OF REVULSION EDITORIAL Nothing demonstrates the contentious nature of the national political discourse quite like the lull that follows a national tragedy. Suddenly, all of the invidious backbiting is forgotten, if only for a while, as the nation comes together to mourn the dead, care about the injured and survivors, and search for meaning on occasions devoid of meaning. For a moment, the country truly is the United States, even if it is the United States of Revulsion. a madman, such as the killers in Aurora, CO, or Newtown, CT, the nation finds its soul in such moments of despair. The people's deep wellspring of kinship and caritas is tapped, as unity trumps division and compassion replaces enmity. So it is that we find ourselves yet again in the midst of tragedy. Two bombs were detonated on April 15 near the conclusion of the legendary Boston Marathon, killing at least three persons, wounding scores of others and leaving millions of Americans once again to ponder, The blissful innocence of never "Why?" Whether it is a natural disaster such as Hurricane Katrina or Supercontemplating an attack is the precious storm Sandy, an act of thing first stolen from us in the aftermath terror such as visited of a massacre. upon the country on 9/11, or the actions of Yet even in the midst of the mayhem and gore, our spirits were lifted by selfless acts

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