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FLIP-FLOP Chairs line the banks of the springs at Warm Mineral Springs. Photo courtesy City of North Port COMMISSIONER'S CHANGE OF MIND ELIMINATES TENTATIVE WARM MINERAL SPRINGS DEAL By Cooper Levey-Baker Associate Editor County Commissioner Carolyn Mason compared the meeting to a root canal — "painful," but cathartic. It might have also been pointless. The Sarasota County Commission and the North Port City Commission spent eight hours Wednesday debating the future of Warm Mineral Springs, eventually coming to some agreement about how the two boards should manage the property they jointly purchased in 2010. But an email sent early Thursday morning, April 18, by North Port City Commissioner Rhonda DiFranco might have killed any hope of a way forward. This was an agreement that we came together to shake hands on, and we gave a little in the discussions, so I expect the City of North Port to honor that handshake. Christine Robinson Commissioner Sarasota County "After careful consideration," she wrote, "I determined that I can not support the [Invitation to Negotiate] process that was proposed at the joint mediation meeting. Please notify the County Commission

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