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Sarasota News Leader April 19, 2013 Page 78 told the audience. "Even then we were saying, OSHA hearing. "It just showed me that they 'If the public ever really knows the truth, this weren't going to do that, that they were gowhole thing is going to fall apart.'" ing to not protect me and blame me just like Hargrove, the most recent former SeaWorld they've always blamed every one of us who trainer to come out against orca captivity, ex- have been in a major incident with one of the plained that SeaWorld's official responses to whales." the deaths of Brancheau and other trainers began to disenchant him with the theme park: "I always believed that SeaWorld would stand by me and protect me and support me for taking the amount of risk that I took at my job every single day." MORE PROVOCATIVE FILMS Blackfish, of course, was not the only provocative or challenging film that was shown at the SFF this year. Check in with the News Leader next week for more coverage of the festival, Hargrove went on to express disbelief about which will include details about films honored events that have taken place in the past four at the SFF's closing night Filmmaker Tribute years, including Brancheau's death and the Awards on April 13. % Maria the Korean Bride (documentary feature) Director, Producer, Screenwriter and star Maria Yoon prior to the screening of Blackfish on April 5.

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