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APPROVAL WITH DISPLEASURE A graphic shows the plan for extending a pipeline from an area adjacent to Siesta Public Beach into the Gulf of Mexico to allow the discharge of treated stormwater runoff. Image courtesy Sarasota County THE COUNTY COMMISSION APPROVES THE SIESTA BEACH STORMWATER PROJECT BUT REPEATS OBJECTIONS TO A CONSULTANT'S ESTIMATE THAT WAS ABOUT ONE-THIRD OF THE BID'S EXPENSE FOR THE SPECIFIC WORK By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor Reiterating their ire over a consulting firm's Program Manager Carolyn Eastwood told the mistake in estimating the cost of one part commissioners staff planned to work with the of the project, the Sarasota County commis- County Attorney's Office and the Procuresioners on April 23 nonetheless voted unan- ment Department on measures that might be permitted as recourse imously to award a against Erickson Conbid of $4,550,683.28 to Forsberg Construction It's almost a slap in the face to sulting Engineers of Sarasota for its estiInc. of Punta Gorda give that small amount back to us. mate of $681,475 for to undertake the new part of the project that stormwater project Christine Robinson Commissioner was put at $2,291,200 at Siesta Key Public Sarasota County in the Forsberg bid. Beach.

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