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Sarasota News Leader April 26, 2013 OPINION Page 69 "It is time to send in a response. Other wise sions — sort of an adult version of the school[sic] you will continue to be compared to yard retort, "Oh, yeah? Well, so are you!" Waechter and taking shots form [sic] these The truth is that excluding more than twoa**holes!!!!!~ thirds of the county electorate so a minority Respectfully Yours, party can control the electoral process is neither fair nor democratic. It amounts to ideoJack Brill" logical apartheid. That is why state voters (Note: The asterisks are ours; they replaced amended the constitution 15 years ago, and the actual "S's" Mr. Brill indiscreetly used.) why county voters may well take the next step Unfortunately, he neglected to change the "to" in restoring credibility to representative govaddress in his email to his intended recipient ernment in Sarasota County. (likely Joe Gruters), so the email came back Gruters, in opposing a change in the electoral to our subscription manager. process, asserted that anyone who voted to In psychological terms, his behavior is known make county races nonpartisan was "a fool." as "projection." Rather than acknowledge fault But perhaps county voters might respond, for one's transgressions, one fixes the blame as George W. Bush once said, "We won't get upon those who give voice to the transgres- fooled again." % PLEASE VOTE FOR ATWELL AND CHAPMAN EDITORIAL On May 14 City of Sarasota voters will choose two at-large city commissioners from a field of three. We urge you to pick Suzanne Atwell and Susan Chapman. in her current role as mayor. When it comes to kissing babies and cutting ribbons and spreading oil on troubled waters, she is uncannily smooth. Peace follows in her wake. But she sometimes is lost in the details of policy, and she can be uncertain and sometimes silent on The reasons for each are different because complex issues. each carries totally different tools, abilities and resources to the job. Alas, we cannot put Susan Chapman is a lawyer by trade. She has them in a blender to puree them to create one proven time and again to be a friend when one perfect at-large city commissioner. is needed. Her terms on the city's Planning Board have tempered her, but she is capable of But we expect once elected, they will recognize scorching the earth in pursuit of fairness. She the skills each brings to the commission table is fearless and tough as a top-kick sergeant. By and respect the need for different approaches to standing up for neighborhoods from all over governance. the City of Sarasota in their times of need, she Suzanne Atwell is a social worker by trade. has won sincere admiration from the poorest She is everybody's best friend, and she revels and richest residential areas in town.

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