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Sarasota News Leader May 10, 2013 Page 13 maximum of Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00) per contributor, per election." A second question on the ballot was also approved, and it also applies to the PBA donation: "Amendment to provide that campaign contributions to candidates for the office of City Commissioner shall be limited to contributions from individuals or natural persons only, to the exclusion of corporations and other business entities." Since the SW FL PBA is a "corporation or other business entity," it is not allowed to contribute anything to City Commission candidates under the voter-approved charter change. At least one other candidate — Linda Holland — also received a $500 donation from the SW FL PBA before her elimination from contention in the March primary. A call to the SW FL PBA was not returned before deadline. Susan Chapman. Photo by Stan Zimmerman STACKING UP THE DOLLARS The 2013 race for two at-large seats on the Sarasota City Commission may be the most expensive one in city history. Six candidates started on the campaign trail last winter; three failed to make the cut during the March 12 primary. Among them, they raised approximately $19,500 with one candidate — Kelvin Lumpkin — pulling in just shy of $12,000 of the total. After the three "survivors" emerged from the first round of balloting, they were eligible for another round of fundraising. By the time the final treasurers' reports were filed on May 8, the six candidates had raised a total of $144,255 (including the $1,000 in questionable SW FL PBA donations). Suzanne Atwell. Photo by Norman Schimmel Of the $144,255 total, Dorfman's war chest of $62,316 represents almost half the amount

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