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Sarasota News Leader May 10, 2013 Page 20 to achieve the selection as soon as possible "That's their prerogative," Barbetta replied. to avoid the closure of the Warm Mineral While DeMarsh said he could not speak for Springs. the North Port Commission, he affirmed Lew• The North Port version: Short Term Oper- is' efforts to set up the special meeting on May ation. The Parties agree to advertise a com- 20. petitive solicitation in satisfaction of the applicable Florida Statutes including, Section DeMarsh reiterated that the reason the coun125.35, Florida Statutes for the operation ty commissioners were discussing the matter of Warm Mineral Springs. The terms of the was because Reid wanted them to have the solicitation shall include the items defined same drafts the North Port commissioners in Exhibit A. The Parties agree to use their had. best efforts to achieve the selection as soon "So a commissioner in North Port was interas possible to avoid the closure of the Warm vening in the process between the administraMineral Springs. tors and the attorneys," Robinson said. "That's CLARIFICATIONS "This is ongoing between the attorneys and the manager and the [county] administrator?" Commissioner Robinson asked DeMarsh on May 7, seeking clarification about the status of the documents. what's happening?" Then, chuckling, she told DeMarsh, "Don't answer that!" "I wasn't about to," DeMarsh replied. "We authorized the attorneys and managers to come up with a memorandum of understanding, and now we have a commissioner who's getting involved … to obstruct the process, DeMarsh confirmed that. because they don't like the end result of what Then Robinson pointed out that the North happened at the [facilitated meeting]," RobinPort Commission has a regular meeting sched- son continued. uled for May 13. DeMarsh told her, "It is likely the city will not take action on this next "I don't want to wait till really close to the week," adding that Lewis was attempting to potential closing of [Warm Mineral Springs] for the County Commission to weigh in," Patschedule the special meeting. terson said. Addressing DeMarsh, she contin"Do they want to wait till it's the day before ued, "You said it's really up to them, but if they [the lease ends]?" Commissioner Nora Patter- wait, I think we've got a problem." son asked. DeMarsh said again that the County Commis"I don't want our attorney to waste any more sion had nothing to discuss until the North time on this," Barbetta said. "This is outraPort Commission acted on the interlocal geous. As far as I'm concerned, we stick with agreement and the document regarding adour original agreement." vertisement of the proposed short-term lease. "To do what?" Patterson asked. When DeMarsh asked whether they wished "So they're going to wait until the end of the to discuss the matter further on May 8, the month to hear this?" Robinson asked. commissioners decided against that. %

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