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Sarasota News Leader DRIVING TRENDS May 10, 2013 Page 31 Paul continued, "It is the primary source of travel length data used in this community During public comments at the opening of the [and] used in most communities throughout May 8 County Commission meeting, SarasoFlorida" and the United States. ta attorney Dan Lobeck, who is president of Control Growth Now, criticized the staff for He added, "I stand by the data provided … I using driving research undertaken during the don't believe it needs to be updated locally," recession, when people were traveling less. though the County Commission could pursue He called the new road impact fee data "fun- such an option. damentally flawed." Among newer research, Paul said data colHowever, Paul explained that while the U.S. lected in 2012 showed the overall number of Department of Transportation did undertake trips to banks had dropped 60 percent. The the studies in 2008 and 2009 on which the data move to online banking is a major factor in relied, "It is recognized as the best data avail- that change, he added. Moreover, freestanding banks are not as common, Barbetta pointed able for evaluating travel lengths." Commissioner Nora Patterson/File photo

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