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Sarasota News Leader May 10, 2013 Page 32 out; many are in mixed-use developments to changes would be forthcoming to the street which people travel for a multitude of reasons. itself. Paul said that also was a valid point. The change in the ordinance, Barbetta added, "could really make a super, vibrant multimodAfter the board's vote on May 8, Lobeck isal city." sued a statement saying, "What all of this is telling us is that Commissioners Barbetta, Paul recommended that if the County ComRobinson, [Charles] Hines and [Chairwoman mission proceeded with allowing the change, Carolyn] Mason do not care about protecting the ordinance could specify the flexibility was us from traffic congestion or about making accorded only to use of road impact fees the developers pay for their traffic impacts rather county collects and distributes in the city. than taxpayers." Therefore, if a court challenge comes, Paul said, the case would have no impact on the Lobeck added, "All they care about is paying county's impact fee usage. back the development interests who bankroll their campaigns and who evidently pull their MAKING IT SIMPLER strings in return." After the vote, Hines referenced comments THE CITY'S REQUEST Paul had made in regard to the complexity of the county's impact fee schedule. "Can we Regarding the City of Sarasota's request for simplify it?" Hines asked. the change allowing it to use road impact fees for multimodal projects, Barbetta said, "That Although the schedule is technically sound, makes a lot of sense." Paul responded, the commission will have an opportunity on July 9 to consider modifying Because the city essentially has no capacity the rate structure. On that date, Paul said, a to build new roads, it therefore is constrained public hearing will be held on "concurrency" from adding sidewalks and bike lanes, Paul — payments developers make to the county in pointed out. conjunction with the creation of new projects, The county ordinance could be revised to al- so the developers cover the cost of additional low the city to use road impact fees for those services. features as well as transit lanes and even the The County Commission may want to conpurchase of buses, Paul said. sider mobility, multimodal and concurrenBarbetta noted that the owners of the new cy "all in one simple pay-and-go fee," Paul Louies Modern restaurant on the lower level said, adding that is the direction in which of the Palm Avenue parking garage in Saraso- the Florida Legislature is encouraging local ta had to pay $95,000 in impact fees, but no governments to go. %

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