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Sarasota News Leader May 10, 2013 Advisory Board regarding the popular downtown Payne Park. They decided the new circus-themed playground at the northern entrance to the park will be off limits to pets. Dogs are now banned from romping inside the fenced area of the playground. Page 38 NTOD GETS NOD At the second reading of the North Trail Overlay District ordinance, the commissioners approved the proposal without any administrative site plan review. They also pulled out the section calling for a mandatory public meeting between neighbors and developers at the start of the planning process. Without administrative review, all plans will undergo the existing public hearing process. The commissioners also put Payne Park under the regular leash law ordinance, meaning a dog must remain on a leash while in the park. Under an experiment allowing dogs to be under "voice control" of their masters, owners However, the vote did not prohibit an early were not deemed to be sufficiently responsimeeting between a developer and nearby resible. dents. "We don't have a community workshop To repeat: Henceforth, people must use leash- requirement for site plans anywhere else in the city," said Chief Planner Ryan Chapdelain. es on their dogs. The North Trail Overlay District proposal envisions a more bustling area thanks to redevelopment. Image courtesy City of Sarasota

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