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Sarasota News Leader May 10, 2013 Page 47 the streets in the Burns Square area. William Full- before the event, allowing for time to iron out any er, who has an office in Burns Court, cited the loss kinks. of parking, the impact of re-routed traffic and the The overall policy changes were deferred to another effects on neighbors. time, but the discussion segued immediately into The Chalk Festival is unique because it lasts more the Chalk Festival's request for more than $10,000 than a weekend. In 2012, it went on for 10 days; this in fee waivers. year it is scheduled for six days. Previously, it was held in October, a selling point because it drew peo- "The question for today is, do we want to provide a ple to town during one of the slowest months for subsidy to the Chalk Festival," asked Turner. "I think tourism. This year it is sliding into mid-November. it is warranted." However, a motion to approve the City Manager Tom Barwin suggested a change in festival's request died for lack of a second. normal procedure. He said any festival requesting a street closure for three or more days should require Commissioner Shannon Snyder then proposed the approval of the City Commission after a public waiving $5,000 in fees, but not fees for police prohearing. Commissioner Terry Turner recommend- tection. His motion was seconded and approved ed pushing back the approval deadline to 180 days unanimously. % A sign on Pineapple Avenue advertises Chalk Festival parking spaces in 2012. Photo by Norman Schimmel

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