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OPINION TEXTING-WHILE-DRIVING BAN TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE EDITORIAL For five long years, pro- study that includes classroom instruction ponents of a ban on and hands-on training, then pass a written texting while driving — including Sen. Nancy exam and a road test. The vehicle in which Detert and Reps. Ray Pilon and Doug Holder this newly authorized driver might endeavor of Sarasota County — have endured indiffer- to venture forth also must be registered with ence and outright hostility from their fellow the state and insured according to minimum Florida lawmakers, who refused to allow bills state standards. Finally, the driver must fasthat would ban the practice to advance in the ten himself securely into the driver's seat with Legislature. It was an the three-point seat infringement on the belt, because failure personal liberties of One cannot focus adequate attention to do so is illegal and drivers, the opponents on the complex task of navigating a piece subjects the driver to would intone gravely. of machinery weighing thousands of being ticketed. ApparNever mind that to operate a vehicle in the state of Florida an individual first must complete a course of pounds and propelled by hundreds of horsepower when one is preoccupied with something occurring on a tiny handheld electronic box. ently, none of these impositions is considered an infringement on the personal liberties of drivers.

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