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Sarasota News Leader May 10, 2013 Page 85 the proper dockside pecking-order rules, even In other words, she is back to her old routine, if this is part of the "school of hard knocks." and except for reports that she still favors her left foot, she is doing quite well and thank you You may have noted that although the Great all for asking! Blue Heron does not display sexual dimorphism, I still refer to Charlie as a she. If you And thank you, Tatiana and Rick and John, for look at the photo of Charlie and Charley to- keeping an eye on her and reporting in! gether, you will clearly see the subtle differOtus ences between male and female. In breeding season, the male's beak is more colorfully Dear Readers, marked. The male is also larger than the female. In the case of raptors — osprey, eagles A couple of weeks ago, I flew across the road and owls (that's me!) — the female is larger to my favorite frog pond for an early breakfast (actually, a late supper for me). I have been than the male. making this trip with impunity on a regular Charlie has also been reported taking her af- basis ever since our neighborhood Red-shoulternoon nap on another bayside dock where dered Hawk died in an auto accident. Ironicalshe is called "Charlotte." ly, that happened this Jan. 5, the same day as An immature Brown Pelican, Ralphie, who has a hole in his head, escapes off the dock. Photo by Rick Wulterkens

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