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Sarasota News Leader May 10, 2013 Page 86 the Audubon 2012 Christmas Bird Count on Siesta Key. And, yes, Wildlife Center of Venice tried to save its life but the head injuries were too traumatic. Ave atque vale ... I was about to fly home and almost ventured out from the protective heavy foliage of the oak when I heard the Fish Crows raucously cawing out the alarm, "Hawk! Hawk! Hawk!" I quickly made myself very small and I froze. Now, intelligent as all members of the Corvid family are, Fish Crows do not speak English. It is merely an uncanny coincidence that their warning cry seemingly mimics the word, "Hawk," whether there is actually a Hawk, an Eagle or the neighbor's Abyssinian "pussy tat." At the same time the Crows were cawing, the flea-infested tree rats (i.e., Eastern Gray Squir-

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