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THE STUFF OF DANCERS' DREAMS The members of Sarasota Ballet for the 2012-13 season pose with (front row, from left) Managing Director Mary Anne Servian, Director Iain Webb and Assistant Director Margaret Barbieri. Contributed photo SARASOTA BALLET'S FINALE PRESENTS AN UNEVEN MIX OF COMPANY CHOREOGRAPHY By Elinor Rogosin A&E Writer The now seasonal Theatre of Dreams program offers the Sarasota Ballet dancers a unique opportunity to flex their choreographic muscles; at the same time, it offers audiences the excitement of discovering new, young choreographers. and Jonathan Spivey on piano) — reflected an amusing, superficial visit to a ballet class. It is a world he knows well, but the characterizations of the dude (Ricki Bertoni), the diva (Rita Duclos), the show-off (Elizabeth Sykes) and the exhibitionist (Kate Honea) were types rather than individuals. On the plus side, it was a sensible choice for a first attempt at choreography, and the underlying humor reflected Learned's own sprightly personality. However, I am not sure there is enough talent to warrant a yearly program; and I hope that there will be exacting criteria when selecting the choreographers in the future — especially for next season's Theatre of Dreams, which Artistic Director Ian Webb wanted live music will be the company's opening program. to accompany each of the ballets, so he set Logan Learned's ballet in the past weekend's the dancers searching for pieces that could be Theatre of Dreams — Scene de Ballet, set to played by a small group of performers. Ricki Charles August de Beriot's music (with the Bertoni's ballet, Ragtop, set to the foot-tapaccompaniment of Chung-Yon Hong on violin ping music of Scott Joplin's Ragtop — with

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