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FREEING UP FUNDS Chairwoman Carolyn Mason confers with Vice Chairman Charles Hines before the May 14 budget workshop begins. Photo by Rachel Hackney THE COUNTY COMMISSION SPLITS ON A VOTE TO MODIFY ITS RESERVES POLICY, ELECTING TO GO WITH A 75-DAY PERIOD FOR ITS EMERGENCY FUND INSTEAD OF 90 By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor On a split vote May 14, the Sarasota County Commission modified its reserves policy to require the county to maintain a fund equal to 75 days of operating expenses instead of 90. The action freed up $8,131,269 for the coming fiscal year that the commission agreed for the time being not to commit to specific uses. The 3-2 vote on reserves came during the commission's May 14 budget workshop in Sarasota. Commissioner Joe Barbetta made the motion for the change. He was supported by Chairwoman Carolyn Mason and Vice Chairman Charles Hines. County Administrator Randall Reid indicatWe're forgetting the fact that we ed the board would be have to look at things that can produce hearing a number of additional revenue for us. We're too public requests for as- dependent on property tax revenue. sistance as it continues Joe Barbetta Commissioner to work on the county's Sarasota County 2014 fiscal year budget. "We're forgetting the fact that we have to look at things that can produce additional revenue for us. We're too dependent on property tax revenue," Barbetta said, arguing that the extra

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