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ASK OTUS Otus Rufous, an Eastern Screech-Owl, was born on Siesta Key and is a full-time resident there. An avid hunter, accomplished vocalist and genuine night owl, Otus is a keen observer of our local wildlife and knows many of nature's secrets. Otus will answer your questions about our amazing wildlife, but only if you Ask Otus. So please send your questions and photos to Thank you. THE STORY OF CATTLE EGRETS IS MORE COMPLEX THAN THEIR COMMON APPEARANCE WITH BOVINES MIGHT SUGGEST Dear Otus, once I had exited my car to get a better shot. Thus, I am left with just this picture and its I am eager to have you weigh in on whether intrusion of the barbed-wire fencing. something I heard many years ago is fact or fiction: Is it true that Egrets hang out with cat- I am very eager to hear your response. tle to eat bugs off the backs of the bovines? And thank you for the lovely Hawk photos I have noticed quite a few Egrets in pastures with your May 10 column. As you know, I have with cattle during my outings in the eastern quite an affection for those creatures. part of our county in recent weeks. Of course, Very kindly yours, when I finally remembered to take the "good" Alexis camera with me, this Egret refused to pose A Cattle Egret sits on a cow in a Singletary Road pasture. Contributed photo

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