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If Cooper Levey-Baker and I could have found a way to add more hours to our days this week, we would have been able to provide even more coverage of the Sarasota County Commission meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday than you will see in this issue. Then again, it is probably a very good thing — for all of us — that we cannot wave a magic wand and conjure up extra time. How would you ever finish reading the stories? And how much harder would we have to work to scrounge up ideas for the issue right after the Memorial Day holiday? Fortunately, too, for those of you who are not just interested in county "doings," Scott Proffitt has updates this week both on the Sarasota High tennis courts issue and the effects of the Legislature's actions on the school district's budget. Reflecting on the continuing controversies over the homeless in Sarasota, Stan Zimmerman has served up another meaty story in his own inimitable style. And on the Sarasota Leisure side, we present a sampling that ranges from a recap of the Harvey Milk Festival to chasing dashing tennis stars to chasing gorgeous butterflies. While I generally plug our stories in this space, I realize this is an excellent opportunity once again to offer heartfelt thanks to our staff photographer, Norman Schimmel. Every week, he not only seeks out iconic shots for his Schimmel Sightings feature, but he also manages to be right there where I need him most — at a County Commission meeting, on Main Street or at Benderson Park, offering us glimpses of the progress on the rowing venue. Without his photos to illustrate our stories, you would have some pretty dull pages to peruse. Editor and Publisher

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