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REASSERTING THEIR REASONING Commissioners Joe Barbetta and Christine Robinson listen to a presentation earlier this year. File photo COUNTY COMMISSIONERS DECLINE A PLANNING COMMISSION MEMBER'S SUGGESTION FOR HIS BOARD TO BE MORE ENGAGED IN THE REVISING OF THE 2050 PLAN By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor Roland Piccone is the only remaining mem- he began having second thoughts on a vote ber of the Sarasota Planning Commission who the County Commission took on May 8. worked on the county's 2050 Plan from its in"We are, in fact, designated as the local planception. ning agency," he told the county commissionAnd when he started looking over all the ma- ers during a joint meeting they hosted with the terials he had accumuplanning commissionlated on that process Absolutely no way is the Planning ers on May 22. since 1999 — a vision Commission or the public going to be cut "And the statute is very for creating more out of this. clear on what the local walkable communities Charles Hines planning agency does," with greener spaces Commissioner Sarasota County east of Interstate 75 — Piccone continued.

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