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Sarasota News Leader May 24, 2013 Page 37 "We've got to do something to get this mov- ments and variances to make this plan work. ing," Robinson said. … I want to hear … points from staff … Then it comes back to you and it comes back to the "I don't disagree with you," Piccone told her. public." Whatever happens, he added, term limits will Hines added, "Absolutely no way is the Plansoon end his service on the Planning Commisning Commission or the public going to be cut sion. (His term is up in August.) out of this." "I'll get my three minutes like anyone else will," he said, referring to the time limit for Commissioner Joe Barbetta also agreed with Robinson, he told Piccone. "We're not gutting public comments at county meetings. the plan," he said. "There are about five or six Commissioner Nora Patterson — who cast the things that need to be changed, tweaked, to lone "No" vote on May 8 — told Piccone that make it work. Otherwise, we've wasted $4 milshe wanted a longer process for revising 2050, lion and 11 years." "but the majority of the board's not going to Patterson interjected — as she had during an reverse [its May 8 decision]." earlier board discussion — that she wanted it Nevertheless, she added, "I think it would be to be clear, for the record, that the plan was a positive thing" to have more Planning Com- still in draft form in July 2004, which made it mission involvement. only nine years old. County Commissioner Charles Hines said he "The correct record is that it was passed in agreed with Robinson. "I want to hear publicly July 2002," Barbetta responded. A legal chalfrom our staff … what their suggestions are" lenge tied it up in court for two years, he for revising the plan, he told Piccone. Staff pointed out. members have been taking suggestions from the public and working with 2050, he pointed "Nine years of opportunity to implement it out. "They've had to file a number of amend- and it isn't working," Barbetta added. % Tonya Herschberger & Linda Keefe "After a terrible accident I required surgery. Tonya shared with me that Dr. Koval was responsible for her beautiful smile. She gave me hope and direction. I'm so grateful to Dr, Koval. Now I have a smile that I love to share with everyone." For a complimentary consultation call 941.923.5406 | Christine Koval, D.M.D. |

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