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Sarasota News Leader May 24, 2013 Page 41 if they have guests who need to park on the On March 11, the county Traffic Advisostreet. ry Council (TAC) split on a motion to deny Patterson concurred with the latter remark. Merkle's request. Because only four board members were present, Chairman Frank DoChairwoman Carolyn Mason, who cast the mingo recommended forwarding the matter deciding vote in the 3-2 denial of Merkle's pe- to the County Commission, even though tie tition, said she preferred to see whether the votes routinely serve as a denial of a petition. Sheriff's Office could alleviate the problem without the implementation of parking restric- Merkle had sent county staff numerous photos tions. showing cars parked on both sides of Avenida de Mayo — including one of a vehicle parked LAYING OUT THE DETAILS next to a fire hydrant, which is illegal. Merkle, SKA President Catherine Luckner and SKA Vice President Michael Shay all pointed to While parking spillover on her street was an safety concerns as the reason for Merkle's re- occasional problem years ago during special quest for the parking ban on the south side of events such as the spring Siesta Fiesta arts Avenida de Mayo, which connects Canal Road and crafts show, Merkle told the TAC memto Avenida del Norte just outside Siesta Village. bers it has become routine. A vehicle recently remained next to a fire hydrant on Avenida de Mayo for eight hours, resident Marlene Merkle reported. Image courtesy Sarasota County

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