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Sarasota News Leader May 24, 2013 The School Board and district administrative staff had been waiting for the Legislature to complete its budget before taking another look at local spending and anticipated expenses. Final approval of the district budget will come in September, but the preliminary spending plan will be adopted in July. Among the Legislature's actions this year was approval of $3,500 in bonus pay per teacher. However, details about how that money will actually flow to the teachers remain to be hashed out between district administrators and unions all over the state. In Sarasota County's case, the administrative staff will negotiate with the Sarasota Classified/Teachers Association. Page 46 asked if state money would cover the extra pay, Weidner, said, "No, it does not cover the requisite increase; [it is] closer to $2,300 per teacher." Long-time board member Caroline Zucker asked if the money was for teachers or all employees. "I anticipate further clarifications, but right now it would be for all staff, instructional and classified," Weidner replied. "Classified" refers to most of the other district employees who are not involved directly in teaching. Another act by the Legislature the district likely will end up having to cover, according to And that is not the only aspect of the bonus- Weidner, will be an allocation of an extra $250 es that necessitates more explanation. When per teacher for classroom supplies. Teachers The Florida Legislature approved a number of measures this year related to school funding. Photo by iStock

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