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OPINION POTENTIAL CITY COMMISSION TRIUMVIRATE A TROUBLING DEVELOPMENT EDITORIAL Newly elected City Commissioner Susan Chapman took her place beside Mayor Suzanne Atwell, who had been re-elected to a second term, at the swearing-in ceremony that preceded the City Commission meeting on May 17. election on May 14, many thought she could earn another term from her fellow commissioners. Since none other than commissioner Paul Caragiulo publicly broached that possibility, there was good reason for her optimism. Susan Chapman wasted no time in nominating Vice Mayor Willie Shaw, who many observOnce they had joined the other three com- ers thought had earned his place at the center missioners on the dais, the first order of busi- of the table. But only the most cold-hearted ness was the election of a mayor to serve in would have failed to wince at the crestfallen the largely ceremonial post for the next year. expression on Atwell's face when Paul Caragiulo then nominatAtwell had surprised ed Shannon Snyder. many when she was elected to a second We never have liked the notion of Atwell waited in vain for someone else to one-year term as may- commissioners having a "turn" at mayor. place a third name in or in May 2012. And, nomination, perhaps given her first-place not realizing that she finish in the runoff

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