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ASK OTUS Otus Rufous, an Eastern Screech-Owl, was born on Siesta Key and is a full-time resident there. An avid hunter, accomplished vocalist and genuine night owl, Otus is a keen observer of our local wildlife and knows many of nature's secrets. Otus will answer your questions about our amazing wildlife, but only if you Ask Otus. So please send your questions and photos to Thank you. READERS' QUESTIONS LEAD TO EXPLANATIONS ABOUT BIRDS AND BUTTERFLIES Dear Readers, we can't get a good photo of it. Thank you for trying." I have a veritable olla podrida of Florida nature photos as well as questions in my Inbox Well, Mark, oddly enough, I actually can identhat I would like you to enjoy before the stew's tify your bird as the Great Crested Flycatcher heady fragrance turns! (Myiarchus crinitus). Its shape and shading First, Mark DeWitte, who lives in Osprey, are unmistakable — a large dark crested-head wrote, "Dear Otus, I'll bet you can't tell us with a thick jutting bill, white wing-bars and what this bird is. We've been seeing and a pale belly. One can actually see the muted hearing it a lot lately but it stays so high yellow shade of its breast feathers from your up in the trees and flies around so fast photo. This bird is being sighted all over Sara- A Great Crested Flycatcher. Photo courtesy of Mark DeWitte

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