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Sarasota News Leader May 31, 2013 "We are seeing increased polarization, increased incompatibilities, longer and longer meetings, an increasing number of variances," said Karin Murphy. She is a professional planner who worked for years in Sarasota's Planning Department; she also has been an independent consultant assisting in the City of Bradenton's conversion to a form-based code. Page 28 would ask, "What's in it for the neighbors? Will it be pretty, and quiet and create some jobs?" In other words, form-based codes abandon the old and comfortable world of Euclid in favor of one whose focus is, How will this fit in? Because this transition is in its earliest, most primordial stage, nobody knows what procedures will be required or what regulations will be enforced in Sarasota. In many FORM-BASED CODES respects, this is like a leap off the diving board "Form-based codes emphasize the physical before looking for water in the pool — excharacter of development and de-emphasize cept other communities have done it and have land development regulations," said Litchet. seemed to survive. "[This] places a greater emphasis on design. And it can be customized to the community." Litchet proposes Murphy and University of Miami Architecture Professor Andrew GeorTo use an extreme example, if a developer giadis create an on-site design studio to work wanted to build a steel mill in the center of a through the myriad of details to craft a formresidential neighborhood, Euclid would say, based code for the City of Sarasota. It could "Over my dead body." A form-based coder take three years. The new City Commission has agreed informally to proceed with an initiative that could result in the creation of a new zoning code for Sarasota. Photo by Norman Schimmel

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