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CITY ELECTION ANALYSIS Jacob Ogles, an editor with SRQ Magazine, conducts an after-action analysis of the 2013 voting in the City of Sarasota. Photo by Stan Zimmerman 'THE YEAR OF THE YOUTH VOTE' SUCCUMBS TO 'GEEZER POWER' By Stan Zimmerman City Editor All the political omens in early 2013 pointed to an upsurge in participation by younger voters in the city election for two at-large commissioners. The young are the most underrepresented of all the city's demographic groups. there was a candidate — Richard Dorfman — ready, willing and able to use it all. It was a gamble, because historically young people do not vote in Sarasota city elections. But if they could be induced to vote, they There was a resonating issue — the noise or- would provide an untapped and substantial dinance — that drew the attention of 20- and fraction of the totals. However, the effort this year was a total fail30-year-olds. There ure. was a concerted effort to use social media for There was momentum for Dorfman In both the primary the first time, skipping at the end, but it didn't catch up with election in March and the despised "deadChapman's absentee lead. He won on the final election in tree" and top-40 meElection Day, and tied in early voting, but May, more people 90 dia. There was monand older voted than lost big on the absentees. ey from off-the-books people in their 20s and electioneering organi30s. In March, 202 peoJacob Ogles Editor zations and one public ple 90 and older voted, SRQ Magazine employee union. And while 154 people be-

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