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Sarasota News Leader May 31, 2013 tween 18 and 29 cast a ballot. The older voters were eight times more likely to vote (with a 21 percent turnout) than the younger ones (2.7 percent) in the March election, and six times more likely in the May balloting. The numbers are compelling. A total of 5,824 registered voters were 29 or younger, compared to the 235 voters older than 90. But when the results were counted, the oldsters — whom Dorfman derided in the campaign as "white-haired old ladies" — led the charge that resulted in his defeat. Of the 7,085 people who voted in May, 5,040 were 60 or older. Page 32 ennial, belated morning-after election analysis on May 30. CONSENSUS, CONSENSUS One striking result of the May runoff election was the popularity of so-called "bullet voting." While Sarasota's system allows voters to pick two candidates from among the three finalists to fill the two seats up for election, the two votes are not mandatory. People can vote for just one candidate. In May, they did so by the thousands. Of the 7,085 who voted on May 14, a total of These were just a few of the findings dis- 2,321 voted only "with a bullet," casting their cussed by SRQ Editor Jacob Ogles at his bi- ballots for a single candidate. It took a team of A graphic shows the election results precinct by precinct. The big sticker in each reflects the big winner, and the smaller one indicates who was No. 2 in each of the 18 precincts. Susan Chapman won in five of the north and east precincts. Suzanne Atwell led in the rest. Richard Dorfman placed second in five. Graphic courtesy of SRQ Magazine

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