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MORE TOURISTS, MORE DOLLARS Children play in the surf at Siesta Public Beach in late March. Photo by Rachel Hackney BUILDING ON THE INCREASES RECORDED IN THE 2012 FISCAL YEAR, TOURISM IN SARASOTA COUNTY REMAINED STRONG THROUGH THE HEIGHT OF THE 2013 SEASON By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor Just how good was tourism in Sarasota Coun- With that hike factored out, the amount still was up 13 percent, the report notes. Additionty for the 2012 fiscal year? ally, collections were higher for every month Tourist Development Tax (TDT) revenue sur- compared to the previous fiscal year's totals passed $13 million for the first time, according except for April 2012, when the revenue was to the annual report prepared by the Sarasota virtually flat compared to the April 2011 figure. County Tax Collector's Office. For the fourth year in a row, Tax Collector TDT revenue totaled $13,923,125 for the 2012 Barbara Ford-Coates told the Sarasota Counfiscal year, which ended on Sept. 30, the re- ty Tourist Development Council (TDC) on May port says. The figure was a 21 percent increase 16, condos generated more TDT revenue than over the FY 2011 amount, though the tax rate hotels and motels combined. Condos accountdid increase from 4.5 percent to 5 percent on ed for 46.72 percent of the funds, while hotel May 1, 2011, the report notes. and motel room rentals brought in 43.5 percent.

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