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No. 37 — May 31, 2013 A NEW STRATEGY FOR THE HOMELESS CONTENTS BELTWAY RIVALRY IN SARASOTA? Click Any Headline To Go Directly To That Article NEWS & COMMENTARY A NEW STRATEGY FOR THE HOMELESS 8 TRUMPING THE 'COMP PLAN' 14 BELTWAY RIVALRY IN SARASOTA? 22 POLISH YOUR CRYSTAL BALL 26 CITY ELECTION ANALYSIS 31 MORE TOURISTS, MORE DOLLARS 34 WELCOMING NEW OPPORTUNITIES 39 LOVELY LOUSY LIGHTS 43 NO GREATER GIFTS 46 NEWS BRIEFS CRIME BLOTTER 53 57 A retired 30-year veteran of the Police Department proposes a program to help the homeless modeled on a successful seven-year-old initiative to help publicly impaired people — Rachel Brown Hackney The County Commission splits 3-2 in approving the vacation of a right of way on Siesta Key that has canal access — Rachel Brown Hackney Sarasota County is exploring whether it can lure the Washington Nationals to town for shared Spring Training with the Orioles — Rachel Brown Hackney The City Commission embarks on a visionary zoning exercise — Stan Zimmerman 'The Year of the Youth Vote' succumbs to 'Geezer Power' — Stan Zimmerman Building on the increases recorded in the 2012 fiscal year, tourism in Sarasota County remained strong through the height of the 2013 season — Rachel Brown Hackney Hosting the 2013 Pan-American Masters Swimming Championship could bring up to $5 million into Sarasota County's economy and lure new residents — Rachel Brown Hackney The Downtown Improvement District chooses to seek bids for the best way to get the light show working properly again in Five Points Park — Stan Zimmerman Memorial Day parade offers a time to remember — Staff Reports PHOTO CREDITS Front cover: Time Marches On - Norman Schimmel Sarasota Leisure: Shady Selby Sanctuary - Robert Hackney

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